How To Cope With Nausea After Eating

Nausea after eating is increasingly common in the society in which we live, for a variety of reasons. Firstly, there is the consideration that our food is often designed for convenience rather than nutritional quality, and that it can easily cause an excess of acid to form in the stomach. Then, there is the consideration that we don't even tend to stop to eat food any more, but rather bolt it down while we either have a meeting with associates or continue working, and this can lead to indigestion and symptoms of nausea.

The most obvious cause of post-eating nausea is one which will be extremely painful, but not usually life threatening or ultimately dangerous. This is the food poisoning which will occur if you take in food which is contaminated with bacteria, and this can happen in many different ways. Some items of food are more prone to infection than others, and even those which are not can always become contaminated due to being prepared in unclean areas. It always makes sense to wash fresh food before it is eaten, and to make sure that preparation surfaces are kept washed and clean.

It may be that the nausea itself has nothing to do with the food you have just eaten, and that it is just a coincidence of timing. This can happen many times during a pregnancy, when the woman will be more susceptible to nausea than at any other time. The phenomenon which is known as morning sickness is a strange one, and no-one is entirely sure why it occurs. It happens often enough for people to believe that it actually serves a useful natural function, but it can still be worrying when it first occurs. There are a very few cases which progress throughout the pregnancy, and which need medical treatment for the health of the child.

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If nausea after eating continues to occur regularly, then it is obvious that there is a more deep seated cause which will have to be identified and then treated. This may be a cause buried in the mind, or it may be a physical illness. It is not uncommon for eating to be associated with disorders of the mind, and conditions such as bulimia are entirely of a mental cause. The bulimic is a comfort eater, and uses food as a substitute for something else which is missing in their life. They deliberately induce the vomiting because it means they can eat more food.

A simple case of nausea is unlikely to have that as its cause, but there could be buried feelings of guilt or other unresolved feelings which are causing the mind to effectively reject the food which is being eaten. A trained psychologist will usually be able to identify the cause and then prescribe a possible treatment. If there is a relatively obvious cause of mental distress, it maybe that a treatment such as cognitive therapy will produce a result over time, but other cases will need a deeper examination of the mind to reveal hidden traumas.

When you first begin to experience nausea after eating, you will need to keep a diary of exactly when this happens, and of any significant circumstances which happened just before this. If you can keep a food diary detailing exactly what you have eaten, that will also be potentially useful to any physician who needs to examine the case. It has been estimated that there are several hundred potential causes of this condition, but they can be narrowed down into groups. Treatment can begin without the need for a diagnosis to be completely exact, as treatments are similar for different causes of nausea after eating.




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