How Nausea Is Caused And How To Cope With It

Nausea is one of the most common health problems reported to physicians in the Western world, despite the fact that only a small percentage of cases are ever reported. There are numerous factors which can cause the condition, in fact some publications have listed literally hundreds of potential causes of either long or short term nauseous feelings. The condition is usually a precursor to actual vomiting, but certainly not in every case, and it can last for as little as a day to a great many years.

This is condition which has a long history stretching back as far as medical records exist, and is certainly not a modern phenomenon. Having said that, there is no doubt that some of the incidences of the problem are due to factors which exist only in the modern world. Too much exposure to radiation from computer screens or cell phones is one obvious example of this. The condition has been treated by a variety of natural means before modern drug treatments were developed, and now most people use a combination of the traditional and the modern allopathic drug treatments to try to find relief. Only in rare cases is the condition serious, when it endures for a long time.

There are some related conditions which can cause outbreaks of vomiting which can demand treatment as the underlying causes could be serious. The most obvious of these is food poisoning, which can occur when food carrying bacteria is taken into the body. The defense mechanisms of the body will be called into play to try and expel the bacteria from the system, and this may mean that vomiting is necessary to prevent something even more serious developing. Most cases of food poisoning would heal with the defenses of the body alone, although they may be intensely painful for a time.

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There is one relatively harmless cause of nausea which is extremely common and in fact seems almost natural, and that is pregnancy. The incidence of vomiting in pregnancy has been estimated as being as high as eighty percent, and most of this occurs during the early weeks. There so rarely any need for medical attention beyond the inevitable cursory examination, but there may be cases where it is wise to ensure that certain nutrients are taken into the system. Potassium is often lost from the body during these spells of what is commonly called morning sickness, and bananas are a good way of replacing this.

One of the most sinister aspects of the nauseous condition is that it can sometimes be caused by purely mental factors. This is different from the cases of bulimia where vomiting is induced deliberately by the patient because too much food has been consumed. Bulimics are people who have a need for comfort food to mentally compensate for something which is missing in their lives, whereas nauseous feeling caused by depression are just like a type of mental fatigue. Psychological treatments for the mind can have a far reaching effect on depression, and can cure the nauseous feelings.

Fortunately most cases of nausea are relatively short lived, and will not leave any long term difficulties or damage to the body behind. There is always the potential for any case of vomiting to cause choking, if the body's air passages are blocked. It is vital to keep those passages open and fully functioning, so be aware of the potential difficulty and position your body in the safest way. Long term health problems caused by vomiting include and imbalance of the chemicals in the body, many of which are depleted in this way. Minerals may need replacing to preserve long term health.

It is rare for nauseous feelings themselves to need direct treatment, but it is possible for some of the underlying conditions which cause them to need medical help. There are drugs which are aimed directly at treating the symptoms, but these will only mask the underlying difficulty and are not normally recommended. Psychological causes can be treated with cognitive therapy or by trying to go deeper into the mind of the sufferer to access buried traumas. If there is a bacterial infection within the body which is causing the feelings, it may need treating with antibiotics to help the body regain health.

There are still many cases of nausea which cause confusion and bewilderment even to the highest level of trained physicians, and one in ten cases are never attributed to any specific cause. All the patient can do is follow general healthy eating habits, make sure that nutrients are taken in to the body, and try to replace any minerals which may be leaked out as a result of vomiting. Maintaining a balanced life, trying to get enough sleep, and avoiding stressful activities are other ways to lessen the effect and to try to recover from feelings of nausea.




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